Meet the Team

By Saber Ben Hassen

Saber Ben Hassen
Founder & CEO of Carthage Magazine
Founder and CEO of Carthage Magazine, Tunisia's premier English lifestyle magazine with thousands of page-views per month and over 200k social media followers. Saber is a Web Solutions Specialist. Author of one book and hundred of published IT-related articles. He graduated from both Tunisia and the US. Winner of a U.S. Dept. of State funded scholarship. Graduated from a community college in the nation's top 10.
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Ghassen Fartoun
Co-Founder & Director of Information Technology
Carthage Magazine's Co-Founder and Director of Information Technology. A Business Intelligence engineer who graduated from ESPRIT. Ghassen is specialized in IT projects management as he is accustomed with being in leading roles in different projects both academically and professionally.
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Nada Mrabet
Senior Writer
Nada is a senior program coordinator at an international NGO, dialogue facilitator, blogger and essential skills trainer. She is a published writer who is also specialized in media discourse. She acts as a senior writer at Carthage Magazine.
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Hind Houas
Senior Writer
Star Wars geek from planet Tataouine (No Kidding, Hind's hometown is the city of Tataouine in Tunisia), a daughter, a sister, and a friend. Hind is a very passionate person (you will see more of that in her blog posts about some of the most random things in life! So brace yourselves). Hind loves traveling, good coffee and any type of cheese!
Rahma Rekik
Int'l Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist
Rahma is an international registered dietitian/nutritionist and a certified yoga instructor. She graduated from Cornell University in New York and finished her dietetic internship at the University of Virginia Medical Center. She is a food lover and has a deep passion for healthy living while being authentic to your heritage. She worked in many countries and loves to recreate traditional food with a healthy twist. She aims to inspire people to live balanced and healthy lives, both physically and mentally - basically the best version of yourself. She loves cooking (obviously), reading, yoga, chocolate, and watching movies.
Sabà Thabit
Senior Writer
Translator in the sheets, fashionista in the streets! Sabà acts a senior writer at Carthage Magazine.
Ines Jlaiel
Senior Writer
Ines acts as a Senior Writer at Carthage Magazine.
Abir Ben Souilah
Outreach & Engagement Coordinator
IT Consultant. Abir Ben Souilah acts as Carthage Magazine’s Outreach & Engagement Coordinator
Oumaima Zoghlemi
Senior Writer
Oumaima acts as a Senior Writer at Carthage Magazine.
Siwar Chaaban
Senior Writer
Siwar is an English student at the Higher Institute of Human sciences Tunis. She is passionate about writing and blogging. Sharing information with others is her ultimate goal. Keith Ferrari once said, “ Power, today, comes from sharing information, not withholding it.”
Tayssir Ben Hassen
Senior Editor
Executive Editor at Carthage Magazine.
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Fedia Bouslama
Senior Writer
Senior Writer at Carthage Magazine.
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Sana Balti

MA student in communication at institut supérieur des langues, Tunis. Part-time English tutor with home school Tunis. I am very passionate about art, and my focus is specifically on photography. I am an amateur photographer, I post all my pictures on my Instagram page. I just like to capture every moment and caption It with a personal quote, which creates a beautiful short story, enjoyable to every aesthete. I Did a lot of volunteering, worked as a learning and development manager with IIdebate, and a journalist with INSAT press for two years. And I am also a newbie in the red crescent, Ariana's branch. My ultimate goal in life, is to never be satisfied with what you have. Be grateful, but also never stop fishing for new opportunities and skills, and always be a jack of all trades.

Maryem Maghrebi
Executive Editor
Executive Editor at Carthage Magazine.
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Mahdi Siala
Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer at Carthage Magazine.
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