About Carthage Magazine

By Saber Ben Hassen

Hi There, We’re Carthage Magazine

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Carthage Magazine is an online Magazine offering the single most diverse and reliable source of news and information about Tunisia to be found anywhere. It is Tunisia’s first and largest premier English-speaking general-interest publication. It offers a vast resource of originally researched and produced contents, uncovering the country’s rich and diverse culture, innovative spirit, and democratic civil society. Free from bias or prejudice, Carthage Magazine is a uniquely independent, non-profit, and non-governmental organization.

Carthage Magazine offers ever-green articles about Tunisia, as long as topical and timely reports on how Tunisians from all walks of life and religion, innovate, improve and add value to the country and to the world.

We talk about Tunisia from many different angles. The Magazine is promoting Tunisia and changing attitudes towards the MENA region. It redefines the conversations, offering a fair and balanced portrayal of the region, and focusing media and public attention on Tunisia’s vibrant diversity, humanity, creativity, innovative spirit, and responsiveness. The stories we tell are inspired by the people of Tunisia, the Tunisians who live abroad, and exchanges with other countries.

How We Got Here

The Magazine’s founder – Tunisian IT guy – understood the great power of the Internet and developed a first-of-its kind online product with global appeal and reach. He launched the Magazine in 2019.

For months, it was a passion web project, mostly ran by talented Tunisians who yearned to see more dynamic coverage in English of the country. It then morphed from a volunteer-run website into a professional digital Magazine outlet that routinely broke stories and punched above its weight.


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